Four years grounded Cinema Van of the Information Services Department (ISD) for Wenchi has been revived and brought back into operations.
The engine of the van in question broke down since 2016 and was parked unattended to, despite all efforts.
Low and behold, the seemingly abandoned Cinema Van has finally been saved and put back to its feet. A new Nissan DT 27 Engine was procured for the Van after it was towed to Kumasi. Some other mechanical engineering parts were also replaced with brand new battery for the Van.
4-set of 16/ohms-40w powered Mark-Sonic Horn Speakers were also procured and fixed on the Van for public announcements and publicity campaigns. Further arrangements have also been made for supply of 4 set of tyres for the Van. All these arrangements and initiatives were spearheaded and funded by Member of Parliament (MP) and Minister for Planning Prof George Gyan-Baffour with support from the Wenchi Municipal Assembly under the unrelenting leadership of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Dr. Prince Kwakye Afriyie and the Municipal Coordinating Director Edward Abazing.
Handing over the Information Van back to the Department on his own and behalf of the Planning Minister/MP, the MCE Dr. Prince Kwakye Afriyie indicated that the roles and mandates of the ISD as government’s official mouthpiece and principal public relations organization was critical, most especially in this era of the novel Coronavirus pandemic and all other equally important sensitization activities of the Assembly, hence the initiative championed by the MP.
The Chief Executive condemned the practice where grounded government vehicles are left to rot, only to apply for auction and later demand for new resources. He advised Public Servants to avert the practice and protect and preserve public property from damage. He admonished public office holders to make judicious and efficient use of public resources for the benefit of the citizenry. He said his motivation to bring back the ISD Van was triggered by the need to keep the citizens informed on all government business and activities of the Assembly. He assured to continually make all systems and functions work effectively and efficiently to prove the relevance of government institutions.
The Municipal Coordinating Director Edward Abazing urged the ISD to take good care of the Van and ensure regular maintenance in order to guarantee value for money and justify the choice and decision to revive the ISD Van.
The Municipal Information Officer Stanick Sofel Amuzu Kpodo expressed the Department’s appreciation to leadership particularly the Member of Parliament, MCE and Co-ordinating Director for the commitment and goodwill demonstrated in reviving the ISD Van. He also extended homage to the Regional Information Officer Imoro Ayibani Tebra for a wide range of consultations and administrative support. The smile-looking Information Officer said there was every reason to celebrate since the Van was one of the essential ISD logistics required to effectively carry out its official mandates in educating the citizenry on government policies, programmes and activities of the Assembly. He guaranteed the readiness and availability his outfit to intensify sensitization campaigns to make the money spent on the Van by the MP rewarding. He disclosed that proving relevance, sacrifice, commitment, hard work, honesty and professional discipline were his hall-marks.
The revive of the ISD Cinema Van adds up to the pool of grounded vehicles being repaired and revived to make all divisions and units of the Assembly mobile and functional.
Credit: Information Services Department (ISD), Wenchi.
By: Stanick Sofel Amuzu Kpodo/19th Jun 2020
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