The Municipal Chief Executive Dr. Prince Kwakye Afriyie and Coordinating Director have held staff meeting with Officers, Heads and other general staff of decentralized Departments, Divisions and Units of the Municipal Assembly.

The meeting was to assess performance of the Assembly regarding its achievements and successes chalked as well as challenges for redress, so as to re-strategize to propel future plans in delivering on its official mandates towards the socio-economic development of the people.

The Chief Executive commended the staff for their cooperation and commitment, noting that his achievements would not have been complete without the contribution and hard work of the staff, despite the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

The Medical Doctor referred to the Assembly as “Secondary Family” and equated the administration system to Surgery/Operation where all the upstanding health workers at the Theatre Room play individually assigned critical roles to achieve a successful execution of medical operation to save life. He called for unity, togetherness, harmony, mutual respect and being one another’s keeper, and cautioned them against individualism and unnecessary competition for selfish parochial interest.

Dr Prince Kwakye Afriyie described his working relation with members of staff of the Assembly as tremendously rich and unforgettable, hence, urged them to continually exhibit resilience and professionalism.

The Municipal Coordinating Director Edward Abazing stressed on discipline and timely submission of reports with strict adherence to work ethics and the code of conduct for Public Servants. He admonished staff to eschew arrogance and charged Units and Departmental Heads to ensure effective monitoring in their respective jurisdictions, indicating that his administration would not tolerate laziness and lateness which could render the Assembly ineffective.

The seasoned Coordinating Director who has served in different capacities and jurisdictions for many decades advised upcoming ones in the Service to hesitate on their craze for financial gains and pleasure. Mr Abazing further advised staff to continually remain politically neutral to serve all governments in power.

In an Open Forum, members of staff asked for periodic Refresher Programmes and more logistics to enhance their capacity and increase productivity.

Credit: Information Services Department (ISD)
By: Stanick Sofel Amuzu Kpodo/18th Aug 2020

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