The Wenchi Municipal Assembly in collaboration with the Roman Catholic Church has held a Town Hall Meeting to sensitize it’s people and the church public on the upcoming District Level Elections and Referedum schedule to take place on the 17th December this year.
Hon. Dr Prince Kwakye Afriyie (MCE) added his voice to the President’s call that it was very timely that power be given to the people to appoint their MMDCEs to serve them.

He emphasized that it will among other things help in deepening our Democratic credentials as a country.
The MCE said this will further enhance accountability in our local governance system as the Chief Executive Officer of the “Assembly” will work to justify his or her mandate given him by the people.

Hon. Dr Kwakye Afriyie urged the Information Services Department and the National Commission for Civic Education to intensify publicity so that at least the 40 percent of all registered voters turning up and with 75% voting YES in favour of the motion in the Referendume to amend Article 55 clause 3 could be attained.He thanked the Roman Catholic Church for supporting government’s effort to enlighten the populace on the District Level Elections and Referendum.
                        The Municipal Director for Information Services Department Mr. E D K Tottimeh Jnr educated the people also on the operations of the upcoming Mass Registration of the National Identification Authority also referred to as the Ghana Card.
He explained that before one could be registered he needed to present to the Registration Centre a birth certificate or a valid passport which are primary requirements or get 2 people who have registered and have been issued with cards to vouch for them.
He urged all who were 15years and beyond to visit any of the registration centres to register for the card.

Credits: E.D.K .Tottimeh ,ISD,Wenchi .

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