Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit exist to carry out audits and professional evaluations of the activities of the Wenchi Municipal Assembly and to ensure that the system of Internal Controls applicable to financial, programmes and project areas provide reasonable assurance to management and that: Financial, managerial and operating information reported internally and externally is accurate, reliable and timely.

Internal Audit Service undertakes the following responsibility by ensuring;

The financial activities of Wenchi Municipal Assembly are in compliance with laws, policies, plans standards and procedures.

Assembly resources are adequately safeguarded, used judiciously and for the intended purpose(s).

Assembly resources are used economically, effectively and efficiently.

Plans, goals and objectives of Wenchi Municipal Assembly are achieved.

Risks are adequately managed.

Investigate allegation of fraud, misappropriation or possible loss of Wenchi Municipal Assembly assets and properties and suggest corrective and preventive measures to avoid future mishaps.

Provide a means for keeping the Wenchi Municipal Assembly fully and currently informed about problems and deficiencies related to the administration of its programmes and operations and the necessity for appropriate corrective action.

Provide consultation to line management wherever they seek Internal Audit’s views in resolving complex issues confronted by them.

Review new products, services and computerized systems being proposed (before signing of to be offered) to Wenchi Municipal Assembly to ensure adequacy of controls therein.

Review policies and procedures before their finalization to check necessary controls are in place.

Provide suggestions for improving the control environment around various department of Wenchi Municipal Assembly.