The Management Information System Unit (MIS) is under the Central administration Of Wenchi Municipal Assembly of Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development

The main objective of the MIS Class is to collect, analyze and manage  information systems to support the development, management and implementation of policies, programs and services in the Local Government Service.  


To become the most effective and efficient Information Technology unit in the assembly that serves with performance of professionalism in ICT related tools to enhance staff and interest of public, to also promote objectives for the development project of the assembly via the offices, Area Council, and all residents to accesses information pertaining in the municipality, which include data analysis, data captured, maintenance, services of computer peripherals.


  • Managing  the assembly websites and other social media handles
  • Installation of ICT related tools and machines
  • Training staffs on the uses of IT related tools
  • Ensuring all ICT related programs are functioning well in the assembly
  • Services and maintenance of all ICT tools in all departments and units of the assembly
  • Gives Technical advise to management in procurement of any ICT tools and machines for the assembly.