Environment Health Services

Contemporary environmental health services by promoting and protecting public health and safety through collaboration innovation and strategic standard enforcement.

Food Handlers’ Certificate

Food handlers or food vendors medical is done solely at the Municipality Health Centre. 

Note: This process takes two (2) weeks to ready and only medically fit clients will be issued with the food handler’s card.

Disinfection & Disinfestation

Application letter addressed to the Director (MCD)

Grave Space Acquisition

All burials in the WMA must first pass through this department, after obtaining burial permit from Births and Deaths Department. Whether at a public, private or a family cemetery.

To obtain a grave space you will need the medical cause of death from an approved health institution.

Hospitality Premises

  • Standard enforcement
  • Safety
  • Health impact
  • Sanitation
  • Pest control
  • Environmental and health impact control

Destruction Of Unwholesome Items

Application letter addressed to the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD) specifying the item to be destroyed and quantity.

Pauper Burial / Unclaimed Bodies

One would need;

  • Coroner’s certificate from court
  • Letter from Police 

Note: All pauper cases should be reported to the police.

Mass Burial

Application letter addressed to the Director (MCD)

Industrial Premises

  • Standard and environmental monitoring
  • Prevent and control pollution
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Control

  • Noise nuisance
  • Smoke nuisance
  • Dust nuisance

The complaint of noise nuisance should be made at the Municipal Client Unit.

A letter indicating the area, the address, and the signature of the affected persons should be added as a supporting document.