The Municipal Chief Executive Alexander Obour Damoah has entreated citizens to develop good taste and appreciation for our locally produced food and products.
Hon Alexander Obour Damoah noted that the consumption of our local food would motivate local farmers and other producers to produce more. This would help feed and develop the manufacturing industries, boost the local economy of the Municipality and beyond.
The move would also help create jobs and income for the teeming masses, propel economic growth, expand businesses and enhance the economic frontier cooperations.
The Chief Executive also admonished citizens to avoid unpatriotic acts which tend to dislocate the effective functioning of the value chain thereby resulting in food shortages, arbitrary increase in food prices and casting of doubts on the potential of government policies.
According to him, agricultural development was more of a process than an event hence the need to intensify our individual and collective efforts to develop good sense of taste for locally produced food and goods to ensure reliable market for our production. There is the need for citizens to rally behind the Government and participate in various programmes being implemented at the various levels. He called on all to keep their believe in the current leadership to deliver on its promise.
This was contained in the Keynote Address of the Municipal Chief Executive delivered during the 38th National Farmers Day Celebration at Nwoase in the Wenchi Municipality.
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