The Wenchi Municipal Assembly has held its Executive Committee Meeting to discuss, consider and approve proposals and recommendations submitted before it by Sub-Committees on issues pertaining to socio-economic development geared towards improving the living condition of the people.

The meeting on Thursday 21st July, 2022, as required, was in precession of the First General Ordinary Meeting of the Third Session of the Eighth Assembly scheduled for Thursday 28th July, 2022.

There were number of projects and programmes considered in the sectors of Health, Sanitation, Security, Education, Agriculture, Roads, Water, amongst others. Chairpersons of the various sub – committees such as Finance & Administration (F & A), Works, Social Services, Development Planning, Small & Medium Scale, Agriculture, Justice & Security, Environmental Health, presented their reports and recommendations from their earlier meetings for considerations and approval. Some major projects including the undeveloped Melcom land, Wenchi Community Centre under construction amongst others, featured in the reports for action. The Members of the Executive Committee expressed concern about the delay in the completion of the Community Center which was started almost a decade now. Members also expressed concern about a piece of land leased to the Melcom Company for construction of Shopping Mall but has still not been developed.

On Sanitation, topical issue of concern was the late collection of rubbish and lifting of waste containers by the Zoom Lion Ghana Limited, leaving the environment with filth and garbage.

The recommendations were considered for deliberation and approval by the General Assembly in its upcoming meeting scheduled for Thursday 28th February, 2021 and implementation by the Assembly.

In his remarks, the Municipal Chief Executive Alexander Obour Damoah who is the Chairman of the Executive Committee (EXECO) called for support of the all stakeholders to carry out the planned programmes of the Assembly. He said all stakeholders owed it a duty to develop the area and enhance the life of the people. He assured that the Assembly would not relent on its efforts to develop policy initiatives for the development of the Municipality.

Source: Information Services Department (ISD/WMA) 

By: Stanick Sofel Amuzu Kpodo

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