Wenchi Municipal Assembly Organizes its version of the 34th Farmers’ Day Celebrations at Nkonsia.

“Ghana beyond Aid will Be Meaningless Without a Developed Agricultural Sector”.- Hon. Dr Prince Kwakye Afriyie .

The Municipal version of the 34th Farmers Day Celebration came off on 7th December, 2018 at Nkonsia where 11 persons were awarded in various categories.
The Eleven categories were, Best Youth Farmer, Best Extension Agent, Best Physically Challenged Farmer, Best Livestock Farmer, Best Crop Farmer, Best Fire Volunteer Squad, Best Agriculture Senior High school, Best Agriculture Junior High School, Second Run-Up, First Run-Up, and Overall Best Farmer.
In his speech, the Municipal Chief Executive of Wenchi Municipality Hon. Dr Prince Kwakye Afriyie said, our desire to develop without focusing on aid will be meaningless if we do not as citizens strengthen our agriculture sector.
He continued that, the theme for this year’s celebration ‘Agriculture, Moving Ghana Beyoud Aid’ is appropriate and gives expression to the NPP Government social and economic intervention for rapid development as contained in the coordinated programmes of Economic and Social Development Policies (2017-2024).




Dr. Afriyie said that, farmers’ day was introduced by Ex-president Jerry John Rawlings to recognize the contributions and importance of farmers /fishers in the socio –economic growth of Ghana. He noted that, due to its importance, all subsequent governments have continued with the tradition. He praised citizens of Wenchi who have contributed immensely to agriculture and have gone on to win both Municipal, Regional and National Awards.
He said the NPP led government in recognizing the contribution of our gallant farmers has introduced policies like Planting for food and Jobs which is making available seeds and fertilizers to farmers at subsidized rates to enable them increase their production of food in our country.
Hon. Afriyie added that, the policy of rearing for food and jobs is to give a boost to the livestock sector and cut down on huge foreign exchange use by Government to import meat especially poultry into the country.
He said the excess food is hoped to be exported and to reform the country. This will receive foreign exchange to finance most of the much needed development programmes in the country instead of relying on aid.
Hon. Dr Prince Afriyie informed the gathering that ,the Municipal Department of Agriculture has received Four Hundred and Four Bags (404)of Maize seeds, Thirty Two bags (32 ) of Rice seeds ,Twenty Six Sachets of Pepper Seeds, Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Two Fertilizers Bags (29,872 ) ,New Nissan Pick-up Truck and Motor Bike this year to sustain the gains made so far by the programme and to intensify extension services delivery from the Ministry to support the Planting for Food and Jobs policy. He continued that, under the Nation Builders’ Corps which is a policy to address the Human Resources Gap, Fifty (50) graduates have been posted to the Municipality to provide extension services to farmers
According to the Hon, MCE, one area which farmers lose most of their farm produce is lack of proper storage facility. He said, to ensure that .what we produce is available for consumption as well as in good condition for export throughout the year. The provision of one District One Warehouse Programme of modern warehousing will reduce post-harvest losses and sustain the gains we make in agriculture.
He was happy to announce that, two of such warehouse have been ear-marked for the Municipality and the contractors are already on site constructing the warehouse at the old food Distribution Corporation premises at Wenchi. He said it is hoped that, when it is completed, lot of the surplus food stuffs would be stored and available all year round for consumption. This he said will ease the burden on government on having to source foreign exchange to import food stuff that wean us of our dependence on Aid,
The Hon. MCE stated that, in bid to develop a resilient economy that is robust and not dependent on Aid, the NPP government has introduced one district one factory policy of which two companies have passed their bank ability test to build factories in the Municipality. This will soon receive support from their respective chosen banks in the area of Cashew and animal processing.
He advised citizens of Wenchi to be mindful of the devastating effect of bush fire in this Dry Season.
He told the gathering that, even though Assembly procures majority of items awarded to farmers on farmers day celebration, some citizens of Wenchi has supported the celebrations immensely both previously and currently.
He appreciated the support of Mr Alfred Anye, Deputy Executive Director of PBC and Prof. Gyan Baffour, Minister of Planning who provided the Tricycles for the overall Municipal Best Farmer during the Municipal version of 33rd and 34th Farmers Day Celebration respectively.
He went on to thank organizations and individuals in the municipality who supported in diverse ways to make the celebration a success.
Hon. Afriyie, congratulated the awardees and urged farmers who couldn’t win this year to work hard to win awards at the next farmers’ day next year.
The award winners for the Municipal edition of 34th farmer’s day were:
Mr Nsia Robert – over all best farmer
Mr Owusu Ansah James – 1st runner up
Mr .Soyang Kuuniba Pual- 2nd runner up
Mr. Okrah Francis – Best crop farmer
Mr. Massser Awudu- best livestock farmer
Mr Nyamekye Noah –best physically challenged farmer
Miss. Confort Yeboah –Best Youth Farmer
Mr Micheal Musah Ibrahim- best Agriculture Extension agent
Mallamkrom Fire volunteer squad –best fire boluteer squad
Bepotrim M/A Jonior High School- Best Agriculture JHS
Istiqama Senior High School –Best Agriculture SHS.

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